Van Hugh

Who I Am.

Every day is a moment that I hope to remember. And within each one the most important element is trust.
I trust in my ability to withstand all that could be and just ask the universe for what will soothe me.
This longing for dreamland requires a slip-n-slide to evade friction.
A utopian atmosphere that consists of what I love, all that it loves and nothing more.
Outlandish as it may seem I challenge you to try it out. Like a healthy meditation for your lifestyle.
Think of what radiates happiness and it shall encompass you.
This is my aim for my life.

Within the past few years I have grown, quite rightly, as I hoped to when I was a confused youngster.
In my time doing so I have observed that this society I live in demands a certain standard to
fit us each into labelled boxes for filing - for understanding.
When did this come to be our way? Well, it's no matter.
Seeing as how I've never been able to beat them by understanding why it is they want this so badly
I've given up on attempting to join them.
No. I, for one, am doing my best to skirt the chaotic traffic jam of 'this-way that-way' thinking in
hopes of finding the perfect soil for my growing.
General jargon: it distracts the masses every time.
As for rhythm? It's a centrifugal force.

In short, there is no need for me list here the adjectives that have been so boldly placed
upon my shoulders before.They are quick and inaccurate glances at what my shell looks like
as one were to buzz by. What truly describes me lives within me - in places scattered about.
There is no way to know me properly - and in words - unless I've told you myself
(indirectly or otherwise straight.) And what better way to truly judge the opaqueness
of an individual than the take a peak into their "mumbled-up, jumbled-up knot" of a brain?
Right! There isn't one.
I certainly won't stop you from trying anything, anything at all.
Your endeavours are for you to compose your opinions. Your stance is yours to claim.
What exists here is a collection of melodies I've written to better examine specific situations.
If, by positive means, you can use them to aid in your mental vision, please do so.
My heart holds human instinct and longs for friendship in ever chapter.
Who am I to render a stranger without a nest for their thoughts?

your fan,
Vannathan Hugh

'Who I Am.' by Vannathan Hugh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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