Stirring my late lunch with tremors

“…at a magnitude of 5.8, it was the largest trembler to hit Virginia since 1897, when the largest quake on record, a 5.9 quake, struck.”  says Liz Halloran from in her blog titled “Why a quake in Virginia isn’t as rare as it sounds” – on today’s earthquake. And what about the snow fall we had a couple of years back? It was the largest snow fall here in VA since 1996. Am I the only one with a gut feeling that says major things are happening and have been happening? This might not be positive. Our Earth is always changing, and as much as we’d love to keep it at a function of somewhat copacetic, we may not.

I am rarely stirring about at home around two in the afternoon on any given weekday, therefore my experiencing this was a gift indeed. I sat at our kitchen table chatting with my father, funnily enough, about my job when we heard a deep rattling from the basement. Once this wicked noise rose to our level of the house and spread above our heads my father sternly exhaled the phrase, “What the hell?” and we proceeded to bolt out our front door to find almost all of our neighbours hanging outside of their doors hoping for evidence that they weren’t losing their minds. My neighbourhood consists of elderly ladies whom keep company, quite often, with one or two family members. The cater corner home to mine is home to a lovely woman whom, sadly enough, does not leave her home. The granddaughter of this woman, I am presuming, approached me to make certain we had experienced the same heart wrenching, mind twisted disaster. I am new to my neighbourhood, and therefore we exchanged little chitchat. I minded not. The thought I was deeply stricken with firstly was, ‘I hope Mrs. Almond, and the other ladies of Forbes St. haven’t woken to find any broken antiques.’ For, if they are anything like my great-grandmother, they would have plenty of gorgeous glass-ware decorating shelves after shelves of memories and Time.

After my sorrowful thoughts on my late grandmother, I returned to the modern age of an unfortunately virtual world; I checked Facebook. I am ashamed of this, to be frank. I am not one to spend loads of Time sifting through the lives of my peers for fun. I even have been questioned, and complimented by the mouths of elders on this fact. I appreciate what is no longer in use by society, and I am sad to see the dishonour placed upon said items simply for the date they were invented. I’d much rather enjoy the voices of those passed, than those of the ones making use of their vocal chords to gain power in vanity. I find that shameful and needless. That, however, is beside my point.

Because I had not my phone, nor access to the internet, exactly by my side, or in my hand, I was not the first to post about this earthquake. Others in the county and surrounding cities have already felt it and had made others known prior to my knowledge. I was more concerned with my friendly neighbours, than making sure my ‘cool’ points were up.

Non the wiser, I went to the internet to seek others’ knowledge and opinion. Perhaps there had been damage nearby? Perhaps others were in trouble? Where in the tri-state area had this began? Why here? Might this not be the first? Where has this stretched to? The previous questions were only the first to roll about in my brain.

Luckily the damage was slim to none tangibly. That is not to say that the minds of the locals all about the east coast haven’t been twisted, or harmed at all. I know that for most, this is the very first earthquake ever felt; I know this to be true for most in my town and surrounding cities. The people populating the areas in which I travel weekly do not live as people who travel lively. I felt an earthquake back in the early two-thousands. It lasted for mere seconds and my mother hadn’t felt it at all from her place in the house. If it hadn’t been for my love of the grass in the spring time, I would have been none the wiser myself. Thank you for the sunshine in my vision and the honeydew in my nostrils air. I might not have grown to keep the memories of my childhood, if it hadn’t been for those ways of experiencing life at its finest.

Despite the lack of seriousness this awakening holds, I certainly find quite a percentage of positive, nostalgic aromas mixed with the local air, as a result from the mental shake of today’s list of events. Might you sit down your handheld life and open your senses to the pure and True air of Life around you. If you look up and see Life to be only but too bright for your timid eyes, then I apologize for those who’ve kept you behind in your past and left you to become ignorant. Brutal as the world of Truth and Light may be, it is but Truth, and Truth only. Why deny what exists purely? If only you might understand that what you are making excuses for is not for yourself alone, but is for your denial of your inability to be human and nothing more.

Thank Earth for jolting your rut – to make you remove the roots from your feet- and shifting you to another frame of mind. I know that I quite like the intrigue. Don’t you?

Stirring my late luck with tremors Vannathan Light is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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