Valentine’s Valentine

Yellow, Red, and green,

the colour of her eyes,

His mind tries

to wean,

from the memories

of her disguise.


Jane was her name.

She was anything but plain.

Oh, he tries focus again.

But to his surprise she looked away.

These colours escaped her eyes..

they changed too soon..


Poor Jane’s mind did go wasted.

Fear. It pasted.

Upon my heart it bloomed.

For, my eyes did catch the moment my love’s gaze

made haze.


Then my face..

I turned it back,

to check for hope,

where hope did lack..

My heart’s fear did no deceiving.

Two lights were indeed approaching.


A wind; it blew.

I do declare!

It lifted these lights into my Jane’s hair.



The scene my legs did leave.

As for my love?

She flew!


Her epilogue reads:

“My darling loved,

loved me so.

I am sorry my missed,

it’s go!

For now, your side, it lacks me so.


Careless human I once was.

Winged angel my spirit now be.


I am thankful for my he.

For even now, he lay with me.


His feet plotted,

and my feet are buried.

All because my eyes, they spoke,

with child-like precision.

My poor vision.


I am thankful for my he.”



My tears water.

Baby blue.

The flowers that sparkle my love’s soil.

This time it is my vision making fog.


Every February, I visit the theatre.

I know my love.

She meets me there.

She falls.. with every tear.


And now I am forever filled with fear,

that my vision,

blurred by my tears,

will shoo away hues..

of yellow, red and green..

the colour of her eyes.


My mind has pasted,

with child-like precision,

her vision.

A life with endless light.


I will always be thankful for my she.

Written on March 15th, 2011.

Valentine’s Valentine Vannathan Light is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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